Friday, January 7, 2011

One of my new years resolutions was to start a blog, or to venture out into something that may not be in my  comfort zone. I am not an avid blogger. I don't know the correct "blog-ettiquitte". This is new adventure, so bear with me.

I've never really made a new year's resolution. I don't know what changed in me this year, except maybe the mayans predicting the world will end in 2012. (Just Kiddin'!) I have high expectations for 2011, so I made quite a few new year's resolutions: 
-Start a blog (check)
-read the bible through (did you know if you sat down and read the bible cover to cover it would only take 77 hours and 22 minutes, but wow! Talk about overwhelming!) 
-reread all the "classics" we had to read in Literature class. i.e. A Tale of Two Cities, Wuthering Heights etc.
-Visit at least 3 new states (I've already been to 21, pretty impressive, I know) I will not rest until I go to Alaska, not necessarily this year however,  I'm enamored! 
-Spend as much time as humanly possible with my family. 

My main goal for 2011 is to be Christ to anyone/everyone I come in contact with. I have realized how short life is and how important relationships are. I want everyone I love, and everyone else, to be where I am for all of eternity and I want no regrets. That is my prayer.  

So 2011, I know you'll be a great, I can feel it. Heres to a New Year!


  1. Taylor, I just found your blog. You should blog more often!!! I love ya girl!

  2. also you're blog is very cute!

  3. Thanks DJ!! I miss you and love you and will blog more! :)